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Is Lion On NetflixIs Lion On Netflix

Is Lion On Netflix? Lion is a biography drama that came to screens in 2016 but left everyone speechless and is the best movie so far.

This masterpiece was able to generate a total of $140,853,810 at the box office. Meanwhile It has also received a lot of awards due to the exceptional story line. The awards include the Bafta Awards, AACTA international awards and Asia pacific screen awards.

Background Of The Story

An Australian couple adopted a five-year-old kid from an orphanage who was lost and traveled hundreds of kilometers. After 25 years he sets out to find his real family and his real kin.

He embarks on a journey to find his real family, and he suddenly starts to remember all the memories of his childhood as he begins to walk in those very same places where he has walked in the past.

Is Lion On Netflix In US?

No, unfortunately, Lion isn’t available in the region of the US, but there are many through which you can see and enjoy this masterpiece. There are two ways in which you can watch Lion.

  1. Use Different OTT Platforms: You can watch Lion on different OTT platforms, but the cost might be high, which will drain your pockets!
  2. Use VPN: The free and easy way is to connect the region in which Lion is available. VPN is a easy and convenient way to enjoy the different shows which are not available in your region.

Lion Trailer

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