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What Movies Has Barbara Palvin Been InWhat Movies Has Barbara Palvin Been In

What movies has Barbara Palvin been in?

Barbara Palvin started her acting career in 2014, she made her debut in the film “Hercules”, she then again appeared in the action-fantasy movie “The Legend Of Tarzan”.

Before her acting career, she was a model and appeared in a lot of campaigns like Armani, Victoria’s Secret and Loreal. She walked the runway for many fashion houses like Dior, Valentino and Chanel.

When Did Barbara Palvin Became A Model?

Barbara Palvin was born in Hungary and was discovered when she was 13. Talent Hunters found her in the streets of Budapest. She was hired for a lot of brands, including IMG models, Benetton, and Pull & Bear.

In 2010, Palvin made her fashion debut at Milan Fashion Week. From there, she has been walking on different famous houses, including Chanel, Dior, and Louis Vuitton.

Barbara The First Hungarian Model

She is the first Hungarian model to be a part of Victoria’s Secret. She is also a popular figure on social media. Barbara has over 19 million followers on Instagram. Also, she is famously known for her unique fashion sense and her candid posts.

What Movies Has Barbara Palvin Been In?

Barbara has been featured in many movies and dramas


  1. Hercules (2014)
What Movies Has Barbara Palvin Been In

This movie is full of action and revolves around a Greek demigod, Barbara Palvin plays the supporting role of Queen Antimache in this movie.

2. Tyger Tyger

What Movies Has Barbara Palvin Been In

Barbara Palvin takes on the lead role in this romantic adventure movie. The story revolves around a selfless girl and her mute friend. They both rob a medical store and kidnap a drug addict, and the story unfolds further.

3. Serpentine

Barbara stars in this short film about a hidden snake cult, and they achieve breakthroughs that led to the discovery of human-snake hybrid species.

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