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Recent Updates On How Long Does Amazon Take To RefundRecent Updates On How Long Does Amazon Take To Refund

How Long Does Amazon Take To Refund? Read our guide to fully understand it.

Amazon is a trusted product seller along with a great customer service. Even though its not uncommon to have some troubles in the stuff you buy and will need a refund because you feel that you have been a victim of fraud.

Many people have been a victim of fraudulent activities while doing online shopping. Well we got an amazing news for you, The good news is that Amazon has a very generous refund policy. Let’s discuss the Amazon refund policy briefly.

Factors Which Can Affect Your Refunds

You can ask for a refund request through chat, phone or email. Amazon will gladly refund your amount if the product you bought is requested in between 14 days of time after buying. but for all that you will need authentic receipt.

1. Item Type:

The type of item which you have thought of returning will depend on its category in Amazon. If its a virtual type of product your refund won’t take long but if its a physical product it will take time to refund as it will have to go back to the owner or back to amazon and then they will process your refund.

2. Seller’s Return Policy:

Amazon is an independent entity which thrives on the products of the sellers, so amazon will also give high importance to the seller’s policy. I would advise you to read the policy’s of the seller before buying anything.

3. The Time Frame:

It should be kept in mind that the average time frame of refunding a product and getting your money back is 30 days, if you manage to return your product in between 30 days then you might be considered for a refund.

4. Shipping Costs

If the seller isn’t asking for shipping costs then he will have to pay from his own pocket but if he asks you to pay then you might have to manage all the shipping costs again all this can be discussed with amazon.

Payment Refunding Methods

According to amazon policy, your payment method will take time and the time is listed below

Step By Step On Issuing A Refund

I will show you step by step to apply for a refund:

  1. click the burger option visible on the upper left side of the seller central page. Choose orders > manage orders.

2. Search for the order ID that you need for processing the refund

3. Click on the “Refund Order” button to initiate the refund process

4. Choose the reason for the refund

Select the tick box > full refund . also don’t forget the optional notes for yourself and the buyer

6. If partial refund provide the required amount you need to process. Click on the “submit” button to complete the procedure.


We hoped that you liked our guide on how to get a refund from amazon, we tried our best to explain all the ways to you which will be important for you.

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